Dear all,

This whole thing started years ago when I suffered from mental health with severe depression and anxiety. In times of struggle, I sought light in one thing that made me happy - horses - most importantly, a very special horse called Midnight Spirit. He became my saviour, my soulmate and got me through every suicide attempt! He even helped me find my lovely husband who helps me with the business. Our Facebook page originally started off as a hints and tips page but when I sadly knew I was losing him, I threw myself into setting up a small tack shop - Midspirit, in his honour and a focus for me.

I sourced UK and overseas brands, bought out shop closures, etc. started without a penny! Now we have grown to have our own branded goods and over 3000 followers. So, in a year, my life has been turned upside down.

Alongside all of this, I care, full time, for my very disabled son called Thomas, 29, who is wheelchair-bound and my youngest son called Alfie, 15. We also care for my husbands 91-year-old father too.

Thank you for visiting our shop and listening to our story.